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      We recommend using a heat press to apply our rhinestone and sequin transfers. It will ensure that even heat and pressure is applied throughout the design. Please follow this instructions:

        1. Set heat press machine to 350 Fahrenheit's degrees.
        2. Set pressure to medium. The bottom of the heat press should have a 1/4” silicone pad to evenly distribute the pressure.
        3. Remove white plastic backing from transfer tape.
        4. Place motif transfer on garment and cover with a light weight ironing cloth or Teflon sheet.
        5. Heat pressed design for 30 seconds. Turn the garment inside out and pressed on more time.
        6. Wait 1 minute for cooling down before removing the clear sticky tape from the garment.

          If there are any stones that have not bonded with the apparel, use tweezers to peel them from the clear layer and place them directly in the correct position on the garment and repeat steps one more time.


            HOW TO MAINTAIN

              When our rhinestone and sequin transfers are applied correctly, the garment can withstand normal everyday wear and tear. However, we recommend that the garment be turned inside out and machine washed on gentle or normal settings with cool to warm water (do not use hot water). Hang it to air dry. Direct sunlight and heat should be avoided. Please do not dry clean.

              Using these washing directions will help to keep the garment looking newer for a longer time, and will prevent the sequin to peel off or tiny cracks in the stones.


              HOW TO FIX

              We have pride on our products and tested several times before we sell them to our customers, but sometimes you will encounter to have loose stones or that the sequin is peeling off in the corners after pressed.

              Probably doesn't have anything to do with been defective. Might, need more pressing time. Repeat the press process one more time. Do not over use the heat presser, since could damage the rest of the glue’s design.

              If the problem persist, use a fabric glue to fix it. Glue back the loose stone or the corner of the sequin. Apply pressure for a couple of minutes and you are done. You can also fix transfers on used garments using the fabric glue.


                  PLEASE NOTE

                      The above settings are recommended settings and should always be tested on your material first. In general, the higher the temperature, the shorter the pressing time needed.

                      Do not attempt to apply our transfers to garments that cannot withstand the recommended heat setting and press time, especially garments that say "Do Not Iron" or "Do Not Dry Clean".

                      Always advice your customers to wash decorated garment as recommended.

                      The responsibility for the application of our transfers lies with you, the customer. We will not be liable for any issues that may arise during and after the application process.